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Singapore is an amazing city with lovely citizens! But the frequent plumbing issues are distressing these happy people. Leakage, rust, broken or clogged parts, and other concerns are a regular concern across the city. So, they (or you can call them sufferers) are into changing or repairing water taps or faucets to get a free flow of safe water. 

GCA says Singapore currently uses about 1.95 billion liters of water per day, as PUB estimates. PUB also claims that 45% of water is used for domestic purposes and 55% for non-domestic purposes. So, these numbers suggest an increased chance of plumbing problems, specifically water faucet problems.

Now, we have a question for you: Do you want to repair or replace the water tap yourself? Then, there might be a chance of leaks, improper fittings, and inefficient water flow. You may also not have the advanced tools and techniques to diagnose the issue.

In this case, Li Fong Handyman – a professional faucet service, can maintain the functionality and reliability of your household water fixtures.

When you choose professional services over DIY approaches, you can save time, prevent possible damage, and maintain compliance with the local plumbing standards. So, why don’t you call us today?

Type of Water Tap and Faucet


If you want a water tap replacement, you will find a lot of variations in its design, shape, color, and aesthetics. For instance, some faucets are good for the kitchen, some for the bathroom, and some for matching the surroundings. Here’s a quick look at the types of water taps and faucet:

Singe-Hole Faucets

These water taps combine the spout and handle into one unit. They can be used for smaller sinks or countertops with limited space. Likewise, single-hole faucets are easier to clean and maintain. 

Center-Set Faucets

A single-unit faucet with handles spaced 4 inches apart is known as a center-set faucet. Center-set faucets are usually suitable for bathrooms. Plus, you can easily install them with the spout and handles by mounting on a single base.

Widespread Faucets

A widespread water faucet has three components: hot and cold water handles and the spout. This structure offers installation flexibility, as you can place the handles and spout anywhere from 6″ to 16″ apart. So, you can consider them for larger sinks. 

Wall-Mounted Faucets

You can install these taps directly into the wall above the sink rather than on the countertop or sink itself. These taps are mostly popular for their contemporary and minimalist designs.

The above are major types of water taps or faucets. Below are some other types depending on their applications. 

Bidet Faucets

When you visit hotels around the world, you may see people using bidets for personal refreshments. Bidet faucets are specifically designed for bidets and have adjustable temperature and pressure settings.

Shower Faucets

These faucets are quite the same as center-set faucets. You can find showerheads and control valves for regulating water temperature and flow in these taps. Additionally, there are options for basic single-head models to advanced multi-function systems with rain showerheads, body sprays, and hand showers.

Two-Way Faucets

Dual outlets of 2-way faucets allow water to flow in two different directions or to two separate fixtures. Often, they are used in kitchens with a main spout and a side sprayer. They are also used in bathrooms with a combination faucet and shower system.

One-Way Faucets

Like their names, one-way taps provide a single stream of water. They can be used in simpler, more straightforward applications like utility sinks or basic bathroom setups.

Kitchen & Bathroom Sink Faucets

Kitchen sink faucets are for busy kitchens at homes, restaurants, or hotels. Similarly, bathroom sink taps are good for bathrooms. These faucets come in various styles, including pull-down, pull-out, and commercial styles, with features like sprayers, soap dispensers, and pot fillers. 

Smart and Touchless Faucets

Smart faucets allow hands-free operation. They may include features like water temperature control and usage monitoring. Alternatively, touchless faucets use sensors to activate water flow. They offer better hygiene by reducing contact with the fixture.

Materials and Finishes of Water Tap and Faucet
Stainless SteelDurable and resistant to corrosion. You can easily clean and maintain stainless steel faucets.
BrassKnown for its durability and classic look. Brass faucets develop a natural patina over time.
ChromeChrome faucets are affordable, easy to clean, and resistant to scratching and tarnishing.
BronzeA rich, antique appearance. Bronze taps add warmth and character to traditional or rustic-style kitchens and bathrooms.

Reasons for Leaking Taps – Why May You Get Leaking Faucets? 


Faucet leakage is a common plumbing problem. It may happen for multiple underlying reasons. If not treated on time, leaks may cause further damage and water wastage. 

Here are some causes of leaking faucets or taps:

Worn-Out Seals or Washers

The frequent use of faucets and water’s mineral deposits can deteriorate rubber seals or washers inside the faucet. This deterioration can cause water to leak from the base of the faucet or around the handles.

Loose Parts

A water tap may have various components, such as nuts, bolts, and O-rings. These may become loose over time, which can lead to water leaks. 

Loose Handles

Besides the parts, faucet handles may also become loose and start dripping water over time. If you do not cure it soon, leaks may get worse gradually, which may require a replacement item.

High Water Pressure

Excessive water pressure can stress the internal components of the faucet, causing it to wear out more quickly and causing leaks or even damage. 

Corrosion or Mineral Build-Up

Hard water contains minerals that cause corrosion and affect the proper functioning of the internal parts. Indeed, corrosion causes leaks and reduces water flow through the faucet.

Improper Installation

You may have installed the tap yourself or hired a random plumber. If the installation is not done correctly or the seals are not properly tightened, water leaks may appear over time. 

Aged Faucet

Over time, aged faucets wear out naturally and gain leakages. Mostly, rust causes these taps to be damaged and make space for water drips. 

Bathroom Water Tap Installation & Replacement Cost

Let’s talk about Li Fong Handyman water tap installation and replacement costs. Usually, the type, complexity of installation, and labor charges in your area are some major factors in this cost. On average, we will charge like these:

Type of ServiceAverage Cost
Basic Faucet Installation$75 – $150
Mid-Range Faucet Installation$150 – $300
High-End Faucet Installation$300 – $600
Faucet Replacement (labor only)$100 – $200

Does it seem high or does need custom service? For a precise quote, we suggest you consult with a professional plumbing service like Li Fong.

Our plumbers are experts in bathroom faucet installations and replacements. Each of us ensures top-quality service with a focus on precision. Of course, we work for your satisfaction, and installing the desired faucet or water tap is a simple task for us.

Bathroom Water Tap Repair Cost

In many situations, only a repair job may make the water tap work again. Hence, repairing a bathroom water tap can range from minor fixes to more complex repairs. Depending on complexity, we charge at this rate (on average):

Type of RepairAverage Cost
Basic Leak Repair$50 – $100
Replacing Seals or Washers$75 – $150
Fixing Loose Handles$50 – $100
Addressing Corrosion Issues$100 – $200

Please note that these costs may fluctuate depending on the severity and type of the water faucet issue. 

Like replacement, we are also skilled at repairing services for bathroom water taps. We tackle any minor leaks or significant corrosion problems in your plumbing system. Do not worry as we work with a commitment to providing quality and quick responses. Over time, your bathroom fixtures will remain in excellent condition. 

Kitchen Water Tap Installation & Replacement Cost

What about the kitchen water tap? Do we install or replace them? Yes, we take care of them, too. Like bathroom taps, the cost of a kitchen faucet depends on its type and other relevant considerations. 

Type of ServiceAverage Cost
Basic Faucet Installation$100 – $200
Mid-Range Faucet Installation$200 – $400
High-End Faucet Installation$400 – $800
Faucet Replacement (labor only)$150 – $300

We may charge more or less than the listed for tap installation or replacement. It may depend on your whole plumbing setup and the faucet you choose.

Li Fong plumbers love to maintain the aesthetics of any kitchen. We install kitchen faucets without harming the ecology of your kitchen. Plus, you can stay free of water leakage from the taps as we make sure every unit is installed correctly.

Kitchen Water Tap Repair Cost

For bathroom faucet repair, we take payment or charge depending on the severity of the leakage. If it is larger or multiple in numbers, our charge may appear slightly higher than small leakage repair. Let’s have a look at how we take fees for repairing the kitchen water tap:

Type of RepairAverage Cost
Basic Leak Repair$60 – $120
Replacing Seals or Washers$80 – $160
Fixing Loose Parts$60 – $120
Addressing Mineral Build-Up$120 – $250

Li Fong Handyman provides comprehensive repair services for kitchen water taps in Singapore. Our men ensure efficient and lasting solutions, from fixing leaks to addressing mineral build-up. We guarantee top-notch results.

Kitchen Tap Replacement Kit

Do you need a particular item for your kitchen tap? We suggest you call us for a full replacement kit as an economical solution. These kits typically include:

Kit ComponentAverage Cost
Complete Faucet Set$50 – $150
Supply Lines$10 – $30
Plumber’s Tape$5 – $10
Mounting Hardware$10 – $25
Optional Tools (wrench, pliers, etc.)$20 – $50

Overall, depending on the quality and brand of the kitchen faucet, you may need to pay around $95 to $265. 

If you need professional installation, Li Fond Handyman offers excellent service packages. These packages include the complete installation of kitchen tap replacement kits. Our team members fit every component perfectly where it should be, resulting in a hassle-free and durable solution.



Li Fong Handy for the Best Water Tap Repair, Installation, and Replacement Service in Singapore

We know you are dealing with a leaky faucet, low water pressure, or the need for a new installation. Li Fong will not let you down or break your energy to focus on your regular lifestyle.

We ensure that your water fixtures are installed and maintained correctly. In this way, we prevent possible leaks, improper fittings, and inefficient water flow.

Our experienced and expert plumbers always use advanced tools and methods to guarantee a reliable solution. Our HDB-certified plumbers maintain local plumbing standards for PUB.

Want to get a consultation or service?

Please call us at +65 8060 2976 or email us at [email protected].

Thanks in advance for your queries!

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