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Get reasonable electrical services every day across Singapore. We are dedicated to solving all your electrical requirements instantly.

LED-Fluorescent Halogen Lighting Installation, Replacement or Repair

LED/Fluorescent Halogen Lighting Installation/ Replacement or Repair

We fix and replace the flickering fluorescent lights to enhance your mood with LED ambiance. You get a shiny space and a welcoming environment.

Power Socket & PowerPoint Installation,- Electrical Services Singapore

Power Socket & PowerPoint Installation, Addition or Repair/ Replacement

Got a new gadget to plug in, or tired of that finicky socket? Li Fong experts install, repair, and replace power sockets and points. So, you get easy access to power where you need it most.

Electric Switches Installation Repair/ Replacement Electrical Services

Electric Switches Installation Repair/ Replacement

If you are getting flickering lights, just give us a call. We can solve all the issues with electric switches. As a result, you have guaranteed control over your lighting and appliances.

Old Ceiling or Wall Mount Fans Removal and Remote Control Fans Re-installation. Electrical Services

Old Ceiling or Wall Mount Fans Removal and Remote Control Fans Re-installation.

Forget the old, malfunctioning ceiling, wall mount, or remote-control fan. We can quickly upgrade those outdated gadgets to modern ones through expert removal, disposal, and installation.

Electrical Inspection & Power Trip or Power Failure

Electrical Inspection & Power Trip or Power Failure

Li Fong cares about each customer and the bothersome lights going out or tripped power. We inspect electrical components thoroughly to identify the issue. Within moments, you can start your day as we solve the problem promptly.

Electrical Surge Protection- Electrical Services

Electrical Surge Protection

Your electronics indeed deserve the best protection. We offer a surge protection system to protect your valuable devices from unexpected voltage spikes. So, everything remains functional.

Wiring Upgrades- Electrical Services

Wiring Upgrades

Got messy wiring everywhere? The Li Fong team upgrades the wiring to keep the electrical system active and safe. Plus, you can save a lot of money dealing with us.

Electrical Panel Upgrades- Electrical Services

Electrical Panel Upgrades

We eradicate all the tensions of old electrical panels. Our upgrades breathe new life into your power system. Also, we can suggest and provide modern safety features and more circuits on demand.

Repairs for power failures or trip-tripping- Electrical Services

Repairs for power failures or trip-tripping

Frustrated with flickering lights or sudden power outages? We troubleshoot and fix those issues and guarantee your home stays brilliantly lit and fully powered.

Installation CCTV- Electrical Services

Installation CCTV

Always keep focus on your important property with our expert CCTV installation. Our surveillance solutions help to deter unexpected guests. In turn, you can stay calm through our reliable security and real-time monitoring.

Light Switch Installation Repair / Replacement- Electrical Services

Light Switch Installation Repair / Replacement

Tired of faulty light switches? Our electricians are in Singapore to shed light on your issues. We offer the installation and replacement of light switches to keep the surroundings bright.

Repairs and General Troubleshooting- Electrical Services

Repairs and General Troubleshooting

Our expertise in repairs and general troubleshooting makes your electrical systems operate seamlessly. We deal with everything, including flickering lights, power hiccups, or any mystery.

Short Circuit Repairs- Electrical Services

Short Circuit Repairs

Li Fong’s geniuses swiftly identify and resolve short circuits and wiring problems. So, you and your family remain safe from any unwanted electrical hazards.

TV point as well as heater point and air-con point- Electrical Services

TV point as well as heater point and air-con point

Anywhere in Singapore, we are ready to set up TV, heater, and air-con points. Our services include handling antenna and data telephone systems too. So, you can always stay connected, cozy, and entertained.

Electrical Wiring Service- Electrical Services

Electrical Wiring Service

Our Electrical Wiring Service is like the nervous system of your home or business. We take care of the essential wiring to provide you with a safe, efficient, and trendy lifestyle.

Other Electrical Installations- Electrical Services

Other Electrical Installations

Our expertise extends beyond the ordinary. We can perform any type of electrical installation from customized lighting solutions to unique setups. Whatever your vision, we bring it to life with our top-tier installations.

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Why Li-Fong Electrical Services Stands Out from Others

Consider us the right partner for all your home projects because of our commitment to excellence and satisfying track record.

Trustworthy Professionals

At Li-Fong, we understand the value of trust. Our select professionals are skilled and reliable. So, your home remains in safe hands.

Customer-Centric Approach

We prioritize your needs and understand unique requirements. We take your demands into account and tailor them according to your needs.

24/7 emergency services

One-stop for all your handyman needs. From repairs to renovations, plumbing to painting, we offer full services to make your life easygoing.

Competitive pricing

No hidden costs, no surprises. With Li-Fong, you get honest, upfront pricing, so you know exactly what to expect. Quality service without scratching your head!

Our team's expertise, dedication to customer needs, round-the-clock support, and pricing set us apart. Altogether, we guarantee top-notch electrical solutions meeting your requirements and budget.

What Clients Say About Our Electrical Services

In our Testimonials section, you’ll find genuine stories of satisfaction from clients who’ve experienced the Li-Fong Handyman. Join our list of happy homeowners today.

Elyse Stokes

I recently hired Li-Fong Services for some electrical upgrades in my home, and the experience was phenomenal. The technicians were highly skilled, and professional, and completed the work efficiently. I highly recommend Li-Fong Services for any electrical needs.

Garfield Hilpert
Garfield Hilpert

Li-Fong Electricians provided prompt and reliable service when I needed emergency electrical repairs. The electricians arrived on time, diagnosed the issue quickly, and resolved it efficiently. I would suggest is better communication regarding the estimated time for arrival.

Giovani Kling
Giovani Kling

Li-Fong provided efficient and affordable electrical repairs for my office. The electricians were skilled and worked quickly to resolve the issues. The pricing was competitive, making it a cost-effective choice for our business.

Work Process for Li Fong Electrical Services

Unlock the Essence of Our Electrical Expertise

An In-Depth Look into the Stages of Our Signature Services Process, Guiding You Towards Illuminating Solutions.

  • Initial Consultation: First, our team discuss your requirements and objectives.
  • Customizing Our Services: Upon discussion, we tailor our services to your specific needs.
  • Assessment and Planning: A detailed evaluation and strategic planning ensure an effective and efficient approach.
  • Professional Execution: Our skilled team carries out the work with precision and expertise.
  • Quality Assurance: We perform rigorous quality checks to guarantee safety and functionality.
  • Client Satisfaction: Your contentment with our services is our goal. We promise to exceed your expectations.

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