Commercial Plumbing Service in Singapore

Is your business facing plumbing issues like leaky faucets or clogged drains? Even your everyday work at the office can be disrupted due to these problems. But no officials would love to ruin their workflow, would they? That’s why we have brought you Li Fong Commercial Plumbing Service in Singapore! 

In industrial spaces, plumbing issues are more common than in residences since lots of piping, couplings, and faucets require repair, replacement, and regular maintenance.

Our certified plumbers are highly qualified, locally accredited professionals. From small unclogging to bigger plumbing projects – we are 24/7 ready to hear you in Singapore!

Check our Commercial Plumbing Services in Singapore

Li Fong Handyman is a one-stop industrial plumbing solution with versatile packages. We serve the most reliable commercial plumbing near you. 

Installation / Replacement & Repair of Fixtures

Do you need the best commercial plumber for heavily used plumbing systems? Certainly, the overuse increases the need to install new faucets, toilets, sinks, or even modern plumbing gadgets

Our superfast experts can install and replace industrial fixtures instantly – well, with your call. We don’t let things make your daily job worsen! 

Leaks & Pipe Repair

Adding some glue or tape doesn’t fix the leakages in the pipes or joints. Once you try the conventional method for leakages in the pipes, it may re-leak and damage the commercial property. Especially, when you are busy with meetings and need to keep the infrastructure well, leaks can stress you. 

Li Fong team can diagnose and repair leaks efficiently – even if hidden. We can minimize downtime, water waste, and disruption to your business.

Drain Cleaning and Unclogging

Clogged drains could be terrible for your business operations. Also, horrible odors from sewer lines, leaking joints, and rusty pipes can interrupt your work. It may impact employee health and safety badly. 

With our drain cleaning services, you can get a blockage-free plumbing system. Li Fong offers advanced cleaning equipment just to let the drains flow freely and bring your commercial atmosphere back. 

Water Heater Services

The heating water system in your business space is important for functioning properly. Officials can use the warm water for various purposes. But when the heater fails to work, you may not use it to wash dishes, take a shower, or even freshen up in the winter. 

You can give us a call to skip using cold water. We will promptly reach out to you and fix the gear soon. Our plumbers are specialists in solving any water heater problem – from installation to maintenance. Get hot water consistently! 

Benefits of Choosing Li-Fong Handyman’s Commercial Plumbing in Singapore


Industrial plumbing services from Li Fong are offered by PUB-licensed and HDB-approved plumbers. We are the best because we – 

A Team of Qualified Professionals

Any member of Li Fong Plumbers is highly qualified and experienced in dealing with versatile plumbing jobs. We discuss, locate, and treat the problems instantly in commercial plumbing systems across Singapore. 

Minimize Downtime

A tiny leak or loose joint can cause a huge issue in the business arena. So, we value your time and solve those sewer, toilet, or bathroom problems quickly. And we do not cost a huge like other local services. 

Long-Term Repair, Replacement, and Installation

We are always customer-centric so that you can save more money in the long run. Li Fong pros reduce overall expenditure on plumbing system installations and repairs. Plus, we use business-friendly tools to maintain the commercial space.

Advanced Technology

Our prior focus is on using the latest technology to diagnose leaks, identify water-saving fixtures, and offer sustainable plumbing solutions. So, we assure you that you can get better services than other average companies. 

Complete Service 

Li-Fong handles all your commercial plumbing needs. Besides, we are familiar with Singapore’s plumbing regulations. So, we carefully handle each project and maintain all compliance standards. 

Contact Us for a 24/7 Commercial Plumber in Singapore

Li Fong is the best economical option for a commercial plumber near you for your business.  Our customer support is always ready to troubleshoot your issues and respond promptly.

You can visit our website for the service catalog. We offer competitive rates with full packages. Certainly, you will find us best among hundreds of Singaporean industrial plumbing services. 

For more information, call us any time on this number: +65 8060 2976. You can also email us at [email protected].